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Pastor Mike's Testimony

I guess if I was to go on record I would have to say that when I was in 6th grade while working in the bee shed with my mom ( my parents were bee keepers), she was the first one to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with me. It made me hungry for the things of the book called the Bible so I set out to find "the way." I looked in a variety of places, unfortunately they were all the wrong places. This hunger went on through high school. I would read the Bible, memorize scripture but I never really met the Lord. I knew of Him and could put up a good argument with those who claimed they knew Him but whose lives were contrary to the Word of God. This hunger lasted for a long time.

I went into the military at a young age and found all the pleasures of the flesh that I'd only dreamed of. I got to operate all types of weaponry and explosives, and learned the art of killing human beings. There was parties galore and I soon found myself into hardcore pornography. I soon forgot about my search for the true Jesus. I walked that path for many, many years.

After the military, I became a cop in Long Beach CA. It was there that a chaplain confronted me about my living with a woman without being married. So, out of a religious conviction, I got married thinking this would make God happy.....WRONG! My wife was a strong, silent Christian. She tried to tell me how to really meet Jesus but I was so arrogant and proud that I refused to listen. We were starting to grow apart but I felt guilty because of the two children that we had in the 11 years that we were together. Yet, I continued having affairs and didn't care if she knew or not. I finally left and moved to northern California.

In northern California the downward spiral continued. I fell in love with a woman 12 years my junior and we had our hard times too. It was at this time that I got into drugs and all the wrong things I could. At this time, I had been a truck driver for 7 years. I was between jobs and we were fighting bad. She wanted to get married and I wasn't wanting to get a divorce from my first wife. As soon as I got back to work, she waited until I was putting the stuff in the truck and then had the locks changed and told me to never come back and forget about our two children. I was really down and tired of life as I knew it. After I got back from my first run I went to what had been home with a fist full of money. She took the money and told me she had a new boyfriend and never wanted to see me again. I was devastated. I got my next dispatch and headed for Oregon. I got there 11 hours early. I had a divine appointment to keep.

I was hurting and called out to God, "I am tired of this hurt. No matter what I do, it is always the wrong thing." I took my 9mm out of my overnight bag and started to cry. I jacked a shell into the chamber, placed it in my mouth and pulled the trigger. "Click" was all I heard but immediately I got those mega goosebumps and I heard "WHERE WOULD YOU BE IF I LET THAT BULLET GO?" I pulled the gun out of my mouth and said "What the...!" Again I heard the same voice "WHERE WOULD YOU BE IF I LET THAT BULLET GO?" At this point I got this sickening feeling that went all the way down to my stomach. I said "Lord?" Again, in a more demanding voice, "WHERE WOULD YOU BE IF I LET THAT BULLET GO?" I told Him that by what I used to believe in I'd be in hell. He then said, "BUT I HAVE A WORK FOR YOU TO DO IF YOU WILL LET ME WORK THROUGH YOU, A MIGHTY WORK I WILL DO IF YOU WILL ALLOW ME FULL ACCESS OF YOUR LIFE. I'LL TAKE ALL YOUR PAIN AND MAKE IT JOY, ALL YOUR CONFUSION AND GIVE YOU PEACE." I said "ok, Lord."

My life has not been the same since. I've had problems since because I have listened to the wrong voice but He has taken me through. I am now married to a God-fearing wife. The Lord has empowered me to speak to people on a one to one basis and He has anointed me with the Spirit and Power.

Thank You Lord for never giving up on me.